Review Policy

I am always happy to hear from publisher's and authors about reviewing their books, however as much as I would like to dedicate all my time to this blog, I have a small family and a full time job. If given a sensible timescale however, I will complete a review before a release date.

All my reviews will be emailed to your marketing email address provided and will appear on this blog as well as on my Goodreads account, Twitter and (if I deem it 4 stars or above) Amazon. I will also add my review to Netgalley if I received an ARC from there.

I am mainly interested in fantasy, sci-fi (especially dystopian), and YA novels (contemporary and fantasy). I also accept historical fiction novels if they also fall into the YA category.

I will always tell my blog readers where I have received my books from, and try to provide a link to purchase them.

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