Monday, 4 September 2017

Book Review - Wicked Fallout by Kelly Charron

I was drawn to this book with the promise of a psychological thriller with a young female lead character. What I really got left me a little bit lacking.

This is the second book in the 'Wicked' books by Kelly Carron, which follows serial killer Ryann Wilkanson as this time she tries to convince psychologist Nancy that's she's become a reformed character and capable of living back on the outside. It is set 12 years after the conclusion of Pretty Wicked, and most of the book forms a sort of two way battle of wills between Ryann and Nancy. It should be noted that I haven't read the previous instalment of this series, however at no point did I see this as a disadvantage as the author did a great job of recapping everything. This may be an issue for people who have read the previous novel however, as previous events are discussed in great detail, and may feel like a rehashing of old events.

Ryann is an interesting character. She's clearly intelligent, and knows it. She doesn't back down from any challenge made to her, and comes across as cocky and abrasive and deeply unlikable. I think that was my main issue with the story unfortunately - I didn't like the main character, and because of this I didn't really care. She also made Nancy appear ridiculous at times, and as such I couldn't bring myself to like Nancy either. I also wasn't that interested in her backstory or her family issues, (which resolved themselves rather conveniently very quickly) as I wanted more time with Ryann.

The second half of the novel was definitely more exciting, as the run up to whether Ryann will be released or not is revealed. I liked the tension created in the prison with the other girls, and Ryann's inner monologue really propelled this to an interesting conclusion. Having said that, as previously stated by this point I wasn't as invested in the character as I would have liked, and as such I finished the novel with an anticlimactic feel.

Interesting main character, but unfortunately just not for me.

- 3 Stars

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